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Alfen | Eve Double Pro-line DE | Wallbox | EV charging station electric car | 2 x sockets Type 2 | 22 kW


The Eve is a rugged, high-tech charging station with two power sockets and a large screen on the front. The fiberglass housing ensures that the charging station is protected against vandalism. The Eve comes with many features and is easy to use and install. The charging station is available with different charging capacities.

Compact in size, great in function and versatility

  • 2 x Type 2 charging socket - suitable for all electric cars 

  • Charging power -selectable: 

  • 1x7,4 kW or 2x3,7kW WITH load compensation and 1 VK = supply cable 

  • 2 x 7.4 kW with optional load management and 2 VK 

  • 2 x 11 kW and 1 VK or 2 VK, with optional load management 

  • 1 x 22 kW or 2x11 kW WITH load balancing and 1 VK 2 x 22 kW and 2 VK, with optional load management 

  • Mounting on the wall (standard) or freestanding on optional stand 

  • Standard with electricity meter, 1 x per charging socket, MID certified, Modbus 

  • Authentication: Plug & Charge or RFID and remote unlocking via backend (connectively and always Simlock-free, with UTP interface and supports the OCPP protocol for connection to different back-end management systems - see below) 

  • LED displays for the state of charge or customizable color display 

  • Housing made of through-dyed, high-quality polycarbonate, weatherproof 

  • Color: cover RAL 9016 (traffic white), housing RAL 7043 (traffic gray) 

  • Dimensions: 590 (L) x 338 (W) x 230mm (D)

  • Residual current protection: 2 x integrated RCCB, RCCD TypeA 

  • Meets all relevant standards, including IEC 61851: 2017 - CEI 61851: 2017, and has RCCB that protects against leakage 

  • DC recognition 

  • Compatible with Cohere Maxem Energy Manager European A quality: a solid and high quality product 

  • Easy to configure

Modern design and solid housing

The Eve has a modern and elegant design that fits well in any environment. The charging station is made of a special composite reinforced with glass fiber. This means that the housing is very stable, does not discolor and is optimally resistant to water and dust. This makes the Eve a tough choice.

Big LCD-Display

A unique feature of the Eve is that the charging station comes standard with an LCD display. On this you can u. a. read how much power was charged, but the display can also be personalized with its own logo. For businesses, this is a perfect way to add a personal touch to the charging station.

Powerful charging with a low-cost connection

Thanks to the intelligent electronics in the Eve, the charging station itself can match the maximum charging capacity to the installation. This means that the charging station can be connected in a cost-effective manner, but that the cars that support it can nevertheless be charged quickly without overloading the installation.

Tested charging station

With the Eve, you choose safety and reliability. The charging station has been tested with all leading car brands and has been tested by independent bodies. As a result, the Eve has the Z.E. Ready received and is tested both CE and DEKRA (formerly KEMA).

Full control and / or billing

With ICU's WebApp EZ ™, you'll be able to easily capture online all downloads and access them anytime on any device. The records are easy to export, e.g. for billing. With a few clicks you manage different users by adding new RFID cards. Of course, the Eve is also compatible with various billing services from many OCPP backend solutions, such as: BeCharged, Last Mile Solutions, Allego, E.ON, Greenflux, The New Motion, The Mobility House, Parkstream,, Driivz, Eneco, Chargestrom, Virta., Revolta, Driwe, Cloudcharge, Enio, EV Point, Veniox, Charge your car


Only users who have previously activated them in the backend can load them at their charging station. That's why you can order the Eve with RFID closing function only with backend. With an RFID charging card or a key fob, electric car drivers unlock the charging station and start the charging process. You want to do without the RFID function? Then we disable them for you and you can just plug in and load.

Load balancing

You want the Eve in total with max. Operate 22 kW power? No problem. Via the optionally available integrated load management, a connected electric car gets the full 22kW charging power. Comes a second electric car, each loads with 11 kW. Of course, the ICU Eve is also compatible with external load management systems, e.g. Cohere Maxem.

Flexible communication

Easily integrate the Eve into your network using a LAN cable or a power line adapter. With an OCPP backend of your choice, you can monitor or bill charges. Via the built-in GSM module, the communication also works wirelessly via a SIM card - plus one-time activation costs.


More Information
SKU 11252
Weight 25.0000
Brand Alfen
MPN 9044611101
Charging power / amperage 22kW / 32A / 3 phase
Options Plug & Charge (push button), Energy meter, RFID, RCD (Personal protection), Billing system, Compliant with calibration rights, OCPP, Modbus TCP / RS 485
Promotions KfW Subsidy Wallbox DE 439/441
Alfen Eve Double Pro line DE Installationsanleitung Bedienungsanleitung
Alfen Eve Double Pro line Datenblatt
Alfen Eve Double Pro line Standfuß und Betonsockel Maße

Alfen Eve Double Pro-line DE 904461101 | Wallbox | EV charging station electric car | 2 x sockets Type 2 | 22 kW | 32A | 3-phase | RFID, Loadbalancing, Billing system


Eve combines smart charging, reliability and flexibility with unique quality and functionality

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