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BMW 61445A0B432 | electric car charging cable Electric car charging cable Mode 3 , Type 2 toType 2

Product benefits :

ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus Type 2 coupling (vehicle side) to type 2 plug (mains side / infrastructure side) according to IEC 62196-2
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus Maximal power 22kW
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus Maximal charging current 32A
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus 3 phase
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus Connecting cable: 400V - 5 x 6 mm² + 1 x 0,5 mm²
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus BMW quality cable: CE and RoHS tested
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus Colour: blue
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus Resistor coding 220 Ohm between PE and PP
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus Length: 5 m
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus For all type 2 electric cars


With the AC quick charging cable (BMW) electric and plug-in vehicles can be charged at public charging stations.
Makes you mobile: The AC quick charging cable is a perfect complement to the electric vehicle and your own wallbox. It enables flexible mobility - by charging at home and on the road.

The spiralling of the cable and the perfectly matching bag with cleaning cloth allow a clean and quick loading of the vehicle - without dirty hands and "cable spaghetti" in the boot. The plugs are ergonomically shaped and fit very well in the hand. The handle has a special shape so that the necessary forces can be easily transferred when plugging in and unplugging. The force required to insert the plugs is very low due to the special design of the contacts. With the BMW i electric vehicles, emphasis is placed on low weight in order to achieve a greater range. This flat spiral cable is similar in weight to a straight cable, but has the comfort and advantages of a much heavier, conventional spiralised cable. Saves time: the spiralised cable automatically jumps back into its original shape - time-consuming winding up and cable tangles are eliminated. The innovative spiralization of the cable saves up to 60% space, material and weight compared to conventional spiral cables. Thinking ahead: To ensure that the cable always remains clean, even at public charging stations outdoors, a cloth for cleaning the cable is already included in the bag.

Design und Material:

            -Space-saving: The special shape of the cable as a flat spiral results in a space saving of approx. 60% compared to a conventional spiral cable. This provides more space in the boot.

            -Conspicuous appearance: the spiral design of the cable makes it an eye-catcher.

            -Attractive design: The AC Fast charging cable is perfectly matched to the design of the BMW i models: The cable itself accommodates the BMW i Blue, the plugs are in grey.


  • Type 2 Connector and Type 2 Coupling
  • Ladestandard Modus 3
  • Length 5 m
  • Halogen free
  • Flame retardant
  • Oil resistant
  • Temperature resistant -40 to +90° C
  • Charging capacity max. 32 A
  • Connection type L1 (single phase), PE, N       

delivery : 1x BMWi AC quick charging cable, BMW i cablebag, cleaning cloth

Especially for:  BMW i3, i8, X5, 225xe, 330e etc.

More Information
SKU 10460
Weight 5.0000
Charging cable colour blue
Brand BMW
MPN 61900003163
EAN 4260371574982
Charging power / amperage 22kW / 32A / 3 phase

BMW 61445A0B432 | type 2 charging cable electric car mode 3 cable type 2 to type 2 | 22kW | 32A | 400V | 3 phase | 5m

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