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Our Company History

Where it all began and where we are today - read our company history and join us on our journey.  


2013: Foundation of ESL Energiespeicherlösungen Ltd

On 23.10.2013 the company is founded with the name ESL Energiespeicherlösungen in the technology park in Paderborn. Reason is the purchase of an electric car by the founder to reduce his CO2 emissions. While noticing that the offer for charging infrastructure is low, he has the idea of an online shop for battery solutions. Simultaneously he starts his own production with "Walli".


2017 and 2018: Relaunch of the Website

In 2017/2018 ESL relaunches its website, to expand its product portfolio.


2018: Change of management

David Brauer becomes CEO of ESL Energiespeicherlösungen Ltd in 2018.


2019: Change of name and domain

In 2019 the name of ESL Energiespeicherlösungen Ltd is changed to ESL E-MOBILITY Ltd, as the offer now also includes electromobility products. Additionally, the domain is adapted from to, to advance the intrnationalisation. 


2020: Relocation from Technology park to Stadtlandfert

By relocating the company from the Technology park to Standlantfert in Paderborn in June 2020, the production and stock capacities can be extended.