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Ecotap DC120 | elektric car DC charger | 120kW | 500V 

Product Features

Output DC 120kW / 500V
Cable length: 3 meters
Start/Stop via Pushbutton/Chargingcard
different cars with CCS Typ 2 and CHAdeMO
Steel housing
Anti-corrosion and powder coating

Dimensions and weight

1802 mm x 730 mm x 750 mm 
465 kg

Connection supply

AC 400V +/- 5% / 50/60Hz / 3P + N + PE / 200A

Connection car side

DC CCS type 2 and CHAdeMO

Suitable for

all electric cars with CCS Type 2 and CHAdeMO plug



More Information
SKU 180010
Weight 465.0000
Brand Ecotap
Charging power / amperage not relevant
Options RFID, RCD (Personal protection)
Ecotap DC120 Bedienungsanleitung
Ecotap DC120 Datenblatt
Ecotap DC120 Bedienungsanleitung

Ecotap DC120 | electric car wallbox DC charger CCS type 2 CHAdeMO | 120 kW | 500V



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