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EET Energy

EET Efficient Energy Technology GmbH from Graz, Austria, is the manufacturer of SolMate - a plug-and-play photovoltaic and energy storage solution that allows you to produce your own green electricity on your balcony.

SolMate combines design, independence and innovation while providing privacy and function on the balcony. By using a space-saving solar panel in combination with a compact, small power storage unit, you can find enough space for our solar system even on smaller city balconies.

SolMate is the only photovoltaic system with electricity storage that can be installed on a socket within a few minutes. The intelligent measurement technology detects via the socket how much electricity is currently needed in the household. In addition, SolMate can be operated autonomously, i.e. independently of the power grid, and supplies the most important electrical appliances with solar power in the event of a power failure. There is currently no comparable system on the market that combines all these features.

Simply plug it in and produce 25% of the electricity needed on the balcony!

Installation options for balcony, garden, terrace or garage.

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