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History of the electric car (click here)


Is the invention of the electric car a new development of the 21st century ?

You always wanted to know since when electric cars exist ?

Electric car comparison (click here)

There are so many electric cars and you want to know what types of electric vehicles there are ?

What is the battery capacity of each electric car ?

What is the range of electric cars ?

What is the maximum charging capacity of the electric car ?

With which type of plug does the car charge ?

Charging times of an electric car (click here)

How long does an electric car take to charge?

What is single-phase charging ?

What is three-phase charging ?

Does the electric vehicle charge faster if I use a thicker electric cable ?

What influences the charging speed ?

Charging possibilities of the electric car (click here)

What are the different types of charging ?

Which connector types are available ?

What is DC direct current / AC alternating current charging ?

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