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Buy electric car accessories online

Quite comfortable in ESL E-MOBILITY Onlineshop Buy electric car accessories online: Find the right accessories for your wallbox or your electric car charging cable. Take advantage of our wide selection of e-car accessories. From additional charging cards, adapters to bike charging stations you will find extensive accessories for your e-vehicle.

Wide range of accessories for the electric car

Extend your charging station with suitable accessories. In addition to the wall charging station or a mobile charging cable, there are other options for more comfort and security. Furthermore, you will find charging stations for the e-bike to our charging station for the electric car!

FI switch: The electric car accessory for more safety

Increase the safety of your charging station with a fault current circuit breaker (RCD). The modules are specifically designed for use in charging stations or wall boxes to provide more protection against hazardous body leakage currents. The circuit breaker is used in charging stations or wall boxes, in which no upstream residual current device is installed, application. Furthermore, the switch should be used if the residual current device is an AC, A or F type RCD, as the residual current circuit breaker helps protect the upstream RCD protection.

Adapter for flexibility

With the right adapter, you can charge your electric car anywhere! The practical e-car accessories allow you to recharge your vehicle if necessary even on weaker power sockets (<32A). With an adapter kit, the electric car can be charged with a standard 230 Volt safety socket, 230 Volt CEE camping socket and 400 Volt CEE three-phase socket. With a suitable adapter so you always have a perfect emergency charging for e-vehicles.

Base for the charging station

If you do not want to or can not attach your charging station to the wall, there is the possibility to combine the station with a pedestal. With the electric car accessories, you can flexibly position your charging station, since you do not depend on a solid background. For some feet even multiple charging stations can be used.

Bike charging stations

In our online shop you will find not only the electric car accessories but also charging stations for e-bikes. The bicycle charging stations can charge up to four e-bikes at the same time. There are specially designed charging stations for traditional bike racks, to which you can connect and charge the e-bike directly. Furthermore, there is also a wall charging station for e-bikes, which, as the name implies, is mounted on a wall.

Buy electric car accessories at ESL E-MOBILITY Onlineshop

Find the right accessories for your electric car in the ESL E-Mobility Onlineshop and order your selection directly online. Benefit from the large selection of our products and do even more with the climate-neutral shipping for the environment! Now conveniently buy the right electric car accessories online! Also get additional information about e-car accessories in our e-mobility guide. Furthermore, you can search for compatible with our vehicle search