Vehicle search: Find a suitable charging station for all electric car brands

Simply select your electric car brand and get the appropriate items listed in our online shop clearly arranged for your e-vehicle. So you will find the right wallbox, charging cable, charging plug and other electric car accessories for your electric car brand.

Wide range of electric car brands

With the practical vehicle search in the ESL E-MOBILITY Onlineshop you will find a large selection of electric car brands. Simply select your brand and get a structured overview of the right items for your e-vehicle brand. Furthermore, you will find an overview of all models and connections in our vehicle search. You will also find out which type of electric vehicle the electric vehicle is, how the electric car charges and what battery capacity it has.

Wallboxes, charging cables, charging plugs and accessories for your e-vehicle

Benefit from the variety of wall boxes, charging cables, charging plugs and other electric car accessories: In the ESL E-Mobility online shop you will find the right equipment for all electric car brands. It's so easy to charge your vehicle anywhere!


With a wallbox you can easily charge your electric car at home. As a result, your e-vehicle is filled up and ready to drive every morning. With our vehicle search you will only receive the wall charging stations that are suitable for your electric car brand.

charge cable

In addition to the wall charging stations, we also have the right mobile charging stations and charging cables for your electric car in our online shop. So you can charge your e-vehicle on the road and are reliant on no charging station. Use our vehicle search to find only the right charging cable for your electric vehicle brand.

charging plug

With the right electric car charging plug to charge the e-vehicle anywhere: Discover in our online store charging plugs type 1 and 2 and charge your electric vehicle everywhere. Our search engine will only show you the right charging plugs for your electric car brand.

Electric car accessories

Benefit additionally from the large selection of electric car accessories in our online shop! Our clever vehicle search will only show you the accessories that are compatible with your electric car brand. So you can easily and clearly find the right electric car accessories.

Climate-neutral shipping in the ESL E-Mobility Online Shop

Simply order your wallbox, charging cable, charging plug or your electric car accessories online and do something for the environment with our climate-neutral shipping. Take advantage of our wide selection and product quality as well as our clever vehicle search for electric car brands. You want to know more about e-mobility? In our e-mobility guide you will find many helpful articles around the subject of electric vehicles.