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We work together with energy consultants, architects, electrical engineers, and property developers on the installation of efficient energy systems for E-MOBILITY and renewable energies for homes or businesses. 

We work in the fields of energy consulting, electrical planning and building automation - in particular, we advise individual consultants and departments in larger companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises on how to increase their energy efficiency and reduce their operating and maintenance costs. 

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Our Energy Consulting Services:


Consultation for Energy 

We offer advisory services to explain how you can use energy services to improve, upgrade and/or replace the energy infrastructure at your site with environmentally friendly energy use. The advice aims to identify economically feasible ways to increase the energy efficiency of buildings and facilities as well as user behaviour. We work with energy advisors on project applications, tenders, or commissions.


Building Automation

ESL E-MOBILITY works on projects that integrate all aspects of renewable energy with e-mobility and household appliances to create SMART homes and buildings. Combined with our programming expertise, we can enable communication between these devices on a single platform to provide you with the information you need. So you can make smarter and wiser decisions.


Electrical Planning

With reliable and intelligent electrical planning, we can "electrify" any type of building. We specialise in planning commercial, public, and complex private building projects, taking into account e-mobility and renewable energy issues at every stage of the project.


Intelligent Energy Systems

We work together with architects, electrical engineers, public utilities, and energy suppliers. We support our customers in the consultation, planning, and design of energy refurbishments in existing buildings (structural concepts and systems engineering), and the product selection of PV systems that help you to generate electricity and thus operate your property in a completely CO2-neutral way. Combined with an intelligent battery storage system so that you can charge your electric car, and all this with quality-assured execution.


Certifications & KfW Funding

We provide professional support in the correct preparation of energy performance certificates for real estate, have the know-how about the right KfW subsidies and help you to present the subsidy options for your private or commercial project. 


Partner network of installers

With our partner list of OEMs, electrical and PV installers, we bring you together with suitable e-mobility electrical installers, and photovoltaic installers and are in direct contact with our OEM partners to ensure the smooth handling of your project. 

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With the largest and fastest growing E-MOBILITY and Renewable Energy portfolio, you can find everything related to charging infrastructure in our onlineshop - charging stations, wallboxes, charging cables, accessories and renewable energies; photovoltaic modules and systems, energy storage, inverters, balcony power plants and more. 

Our on-site Production Facilities


ESL E-MOBILITY has its own on-site production facility at its headquarters in Paderborn, Germany. Among other things, charging stations and charging cables for electric cars are manufactured here. These are assembled and tested by our electrical engineering specialists. The production of ESL E-MOBILITY is flexible and can cater to the needs of different customers. Suitable E-MOBILITY systems can be produced depending on the requirements and application. The flexible design of our production enables us to react quickly to changes in the market. Learn more about our brands: 

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Good service and direct communication are important to us before and during a collaboration. The ESL E-MOBILITY team is always at your disposal for detailed advice on e-mobility or renewabale energy solutions. We are looking forward to your contact.