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EV charging plug connector electric car 

Simply buy charging plugs and charging sockets for electric cars and recharge the e-vehicle everywhere. Benefit from the diverse selection of ESL E-MOBILITY and find the right charging plug or the right charging socket for your electric car. Convince yourself of the quality of our products and conveniently order your charging plug for the electric car online.

Charging plug electric car type 1

In the ESL E-Mobility online shop you will find the right type 1 charging plug for your electric car. The charging plug defined in 2009 is mostly used in American and Asian electric vehicle models and is designed for the North American 120/240-volt single-phase three-wire network. As the charging plug type is designed for the domestic grid in North America, the plug has a single-phase AC charger with 230V and max. 7,4kW. Furthermore, the type 1 charging plug has a diameter of 43mm and has five contacts. Among them are two current-carrying contacts (outer conductor / neutral L1 and N), two signal contacts (CP and PP) and a protective conductor (PE). Also, the type 1 plug is designed for 10,000 mating cycles. As a result, he should keep at least 27 years in a daily plug-in cycle, for example, with a wallbox.

Type 2 plug for European electric cars

The European charging plug type 2 can also be found in our online shop. The standard plug is colloquially called "Mennekes" plug, since the company was instrumental in the development of the type 2 plug. The designation of type 2 is derived from the corresponding standard IEC 62196-2. The designed for the European area plug has seven contacts and has to the contacts, which has a type 1 connector two more pins for communication between electric car and charging station. The electric vehicle and the wall charging station communicate with each other about this and thus adjust the maximum charging power and signal each other's current status. A Type 2 plug has a three-phase AC charger and can thereby charge up to 43 kW the electric vehicle.

Charging socket Electric car: Build a wall charging station

In addition to the various charging plugs, you can also purchase charging sockets for the electric car in the ESL E-Mobility online shop. With it you can build your own wallbox. It is important that the charging socket is installed and put into operation exclusively by a qualified electrician in compliance with the applicable national regulations. Furthermore, the qualified person should consider the requirements of IEC 61851-1 when installing the charging socket for the electric car.

Charging plug for electric cars buy in ESL E-MOBILITY Store

Find the right charging plug or the right charging socket in the ESL E-Mobility Online Shop. From charging plugs type 1 and 2 up to the charging socket for the electric car you will find everything around the topic of charging plugs, charging cables and electric car accessories. Benefit from the quality of our products and our climate-neutral shipping. Order your charging plug easily online. Our intelligent vehicle search will only show you the charging plugs that are suitable for your electric car brand. Furthermore, you will find many more information about charging plugs and electric cars in our e-mobility guide.