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EV charging cable for electric car - different types

Buy the right charging cable for electric cars in the ESL E-MOBILITY Onlineshop: Benefit from the large selection in our shop and find the right charging cable for your e-vehicle. From cable type 1 or 2, over different current strengths, to optional functions as well as customized lengths, we offer you a large selection of charging cables and mobile charging stations for electric cars. Convince yourself of the quality and variety of our products and order your electric car charging cable easily online.

Large selection of electric car EV charging cables

In our online shop you will find a variety of charging cables for electric cars. Discover with us charging cables of the type 1 and 2 (Mode 3), CEE and Schuko 230V (Mode 2) as well as loose meter goods without plug and charging cable, which are open at one end and have a wallbox connection at the other.

Which EV charging cable is compatible with my electric car?

Similar to the wall charging stations you can not use a charging cable for all electric vehicles. Therefore, you should know before buying what kind of charging cable you need. First of all, you should look at the charging cable types: Which port can be used to charge my e-vehicle? Do I need a Type 1 or Type 2 charging plug? Then you should address the question of the current strength: What charging power does the wall charging station and how large is the charging capacity of my electric car? At best, both factors are already matched, so that the choice of electric car charging cable is already established. Furthermore, one should be sure before the purchase of the cable, which length you need for the cable.

Differences of EV charging cables for electric cars

Charging cables differ in color as well as other features. The following charging cable types can be found in our online shop:

  • Charging cable type 1 (Mode 3) 
  • Charging cable type 2 (Mode 3)
  • CEE 230V (Mode 2) 
  • Schuko 230V (Mode 2) 
  • Sold by the meter loose (without plug) 
  • An end open | Wallbox connection 

Furthermore, the charging cables and mobile charging stations have different current intensities. From 10A and 2.3kW up to 32A and 22kW, the electric car charging cables in the ESL E-Mobility online shop cover almost all e-vehicle models.

More flexibility with mobile charging stations

With a mobile charging station, the electric car can be charged at all Schuko and CEE outlets. As a result, the e-vehicle can be charged almost anywhere and is not bound to any fixed charging station or wallbox. The charging power of the mobile charging stations varies. Depending on the electric car you can choose a charging power of 10A and 2.3kW up to 32A and 22kW, as well as the connector types between type 1 and 2. Thus, almost all electric car models with the mobile charging station of ESL E-Mobility can be optimally charged anywhere.

EV Charging cable for electric cars with individual lengths

In our online shop you will find the right charging cable, the right mobile charging station and other accessories for the electric car. In addition, we adapt the length of the cable to your needs! Charge your electric car independently of a charging station quickly and easily with a mobile charging station. Browse our e-mobility shop and find the right charging cable for your electric car. Our intelligent vehicle search will only show you the charging cables that are right for your electric car brand. Further information about electric car charging cables can be found in our e-mobility guide.