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Go e Charger CH-02-17-1 | electric car charging station , Wallbox mobile , with Type 2 socket , 11 kW


Charging box 11kW with 16A CEE plug
Wall bracket incl. Screws and dowels manual


15 x 25 cm
4,0 kg


CEE red 16A, 30cm
Power:  max. 11 kW (16A 3-phase)
Optional: adapter set 3 pcs. CEE red 32A, CEE blue 16A, Schuko (household socket) 16A

Connection on the vehicle:

Type 2 charging socket, own type 2 or type 1 cable is required (not included)
Lock with anti-theft device
Charging power max. 11kW (16A 3-phase)
Ampere and status indication via LED ring
Charging power adjustable by push button and app

Security features:

RFID access control
Fault current circuit breaker (FI) with DC detection, 30mA AC, 6mA DC
Phase and voltage test input voltage
Phase test after the contactor
Earthing detection (can be switched off "Norway function")
Current sensor 3-phase
Customer replaceable micro-fuse for internal electronics (triggers if the supply cable is incorrectly connected)
Adapter recognition with automatic reduction to 16A


Can be used locally (Wi-Fi hotspot) or worldwide (via home Wi-Fi)
Adjustment / monitoring of the charge
Start / Stop function
loading timer
Max Wh charge
Access Management (RFID / App)
Manage RFID Cards
Cable Lock Unlock Functions
Energy meter (total kWh and per RFID card)
Power exchange connection with intelligent charging management
Update capable for later functions (Smart-Home,?)
LED adjustment
Management of charging levels via hardware button


The Go e Charger MOBILE is a mobile charging box with the highest performance at an unbeatable price / performance ratio. In addition to the extensive safety functions such as phase detection, grounding measurement and adapter recognition, the box is equipped with RFID for access control and WLAN with hotspot function and is therefore largely customizable and updatable via the associated app.

The Go eCharger is a full-fledged charging station and can be attached to the wall via the wall bracket as well as taken on the move. In order that the advantage of mobile transport does not become a disadvantage due to theft, there is an optional theft protection for the Go eCharger. You can set the current intensity on the Go eCharger via the push-button as well as conveniently via the App control. Thus, all possibilities of the conditions of a voltage source can be covered. The Go eCharger can be reduced by matching (optional) adapters from the supplied 32A CEE plug to 16A CEE red, 16A CEE blue (so-called camping plug) as well as the Schuko plug and thus charge your electric car anywhere. Thanks to the intelligent control via WLAN and App, many possibilities can be depicted. This allows you to manage load with several Go eChargers. The individual Go eChargers communicate with each other via Wi-Fi and communicate the current charging power to the other Go eCharger. If there is not so much power in the electrical installation, then you can set this in the app and so the performance of each Go eChargers is adjusted so that the maximum available power is not exceeded. As the last additional option, the Go eCharger will be equipped with an open interface from the beginning of the year 2019, which will allow free connection to various energy management systems. So you can z. For example, you can control the Go eCharger yourself with a Rasperry PI. This additional function can be conveniently updated to the charging stations previously available on the market via the app.

More Information
SKU 240000
Weight 5.0000
Charging cable colour blue
Brand Go-e
MPN CH-02-17-1
Charging power / amperage 11kW / 16A / 3 phase
Options APP, Energy meter, RFID, RCD (Personal protection)
Go-eCharger HOME+ 22kW CH-02-00-0 Produktinformation
Go-eCharger HOME+ 22kW CH-02-00-0 offene API Schnittstelle Energiemanagement
Go-eCharger HOME+ 22kW CH-02-00-0 Bedienungsanleitung

Go e Charger | CH-02-17-1 | electric car charging station | Wallbox mobile | with Type 2 socket | 11 kW | 16 A | 3-phase | CEE 16A red


The smallest charging box with Type 2 socket!

from €680 *
Delivery Time ca. 6 - 8 Wochen
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