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JUICE BOOSTER 2 | Mobile electric car charging station mode 2 type 2 to CEE and protective contact plug with 2 most used plugs


ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus Charging power 22 kW 
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus Current comfortable adjustable with a switch up to 32 A 
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus 3 - Phase
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus Charging cable with type 2 plug
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus Transport bag with Velcro strips for easy attachment in the boot
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus Protective caps for all JUICE CONNECTOR plugs
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus manual, warranty certificate
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus Article number EL-JB2G3

uccessfully tested with the following vehicles: Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, BMW i3, VW e-Golf, VW e-Up, Smart Electric Drive, Mercedes B 250 e, Renault Zoe*, etc.
*R240 as well as Q210 with loader update, which you receive free of charge with Renault

Safety and protection

ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus Personal protective with AC and DC 6 mA recognation
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus IP 67 (weatherproof)
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus impact-resistant, drive-over
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus automatic adapter recognition
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus temperature monitoring


ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus Cable length 5 m (extendable with optional adapters)
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus 225 mm x 70 mm
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus 3,2 kg only chaging box and cable (without adapter and accessories)

Connection grid side

ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus CEE 32 red (400 V, 32 A, 3 phase, bup to 22 kW)
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus Household plug (EU), T13 (CH), Type G (GB), Type L (IT)

Connection electric car side

ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus Type 2 plug

Optimal for following electric cars

ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus All e cars with type 2 plug

The original. The JUICE BOOSTER 2 German Traveller Set is the world's smallest and safest mobile charging station

The latest technology and the highest standards, the JUICE BOOSTER 2 is easier, more efficient, safer and easier to use than any comparable mobile charger

With the JUICE BOOSTER 2 you can charge at any power connection at the maximum possible speed

Insert and charge without worrying about the ampere option. Thanks to automatic adapter detection, the current is immediately set correctly. Regardless of whether it is a normal household connection or a 400V industrial power supply, with the Juice Booster 2 you can always charge your electric vehicle optimally, both domestically and abroad.


More Information
SKU 10999
Weight 6.0000
Charging cable colour black
Brand Juice Booster 2
EAN 4313042873607
Charging power / amperage 3,7 kW / 16A / 1 phase, 22kW / 32A / 3 phase
Options RCD (Personal protection)

JUICE BOOSTER 2 | mobile / portable electric car charging station / wallbox | cable mode 2 | Adapter Type 2 to CEE , protective contact plug | 22 kW | 32 A | 3 phase | 5 m

from €1,000 *
Delivery Time ca. 2 - 3 Wochen