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Juice Wall Mount | Electric Car Accessories | Cable Storage | Cable Holder

Product Features

ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus Suspension of the Juice Booster 2
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus easily hang up the mobile charging station and take it back with you
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus Wall bracket with U - bracket and with theft protection / security protection
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus optional without U - bracket and without security lock ( article number 11190 ) 
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus With screws and dowels
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus 5 mm thick aluminium, powder-coated, rivets made of chrome steel
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus article number  EL-JB2WMS
More Information
SKU 11191
Weight 0.5000
Charging cable colour black
Brand Juice Booster 2
Charging power / amperage not relevant
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Juice Booster 2 EL-JB2WMS Wall Mount | Electric Car Accessories | Cable Storage | Wall Mount Charging Cable Type 2 | Metal | with U-Bracket and Safety Lock



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