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Wall mount Juice Booster 2, depending on choice, with or without U-bracket, with or without security lock

  • Flexible: You can attach your JUICE BOOSTER 2 with just one hand and just as easily remove it and take it with you when traveling. 
  • Certainly: While in private garages the variant without a locking handle is preferred, e-drivers in public parking garages are more likely to choose the version with bracket and key lock. This effectively protects your device from being stolen. 
  • Easy to assemble: Apply twice with the drill and use the holder directly as a template. Dowels and screws are included. Finished. 
  • Cost-saving: Thanks to the AC and DC FIs included in the JUICE BOOSTER 2, you no longer need a separate FI in the supply line. This will save you between 300 and 600 euros compared to a wall charger. 
  • Durable: Made of 5 mm thick aluminum, powder-coated. Hinge rivets on the U-bracket made of chrome steel. 
  • Item No. EL-JB2WHE, EL-JB2WMS
Mehr Informationen
Art-Nr. 11190
Gewicht 1.0000
Charging cable colour Schwarz
Brand Juice Booster
EAN Nein
Amperage nicht relevant
Optionen Abrechnungssystem

Juice Booster 2 Wall Mount | optionally with and without U-bracket, with and without security lock


Wall mount Juice Booster 2

ab €69.00
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