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Manufacturer of charging cables ESL E-MOBILIY GmbH


Production of charging cables

As a charging cable manufacturer, ESL E-Mobility GmbH has its own production facility for the "Walli" brand. The production site is in Germany in Paderborn. 

The production includes type 1 and type 2 charging cables as well as various wall boxes. Production takes place in accordance with national and international regulations. The charging cable is assembled manually and is manufactured by specialists at the location in Germany. Due to the flexible production of ESL, the right accessories can be produced for different customers. Since the components are supplied by different suppliers, the availability for the production of the charging cables and wall boxes is guaranteed. Do you need an individual cable?


Production of the charging cables

The technical requirements are met at the production site . Since the measurement of the cable is the same, it makes no difference which cable you want to have produced. ESL E-MOBILIY GmbH complies with the standards  IEC / EN 62196 as well as  IEC / EN 61851. The charging cable is checked with special electrical devices.


Type 2 charging cable manufacturer

ESL E-Mobility is a manufacturer of charging cables for both type 1 and type 2 variants. Due to the international regulations, it is possible to manufacture the different types of charging cables. The cables can be transported in a bag for charging cables.


Europe-wide charging cable manufacturers

Since we always want to offer our customers the best possible solution for their charging application, we carry all relevant and most important electric mobility manufacturers . We also have some e-mobility manufacturers from Asia in our range for our price-conscious customers. Due to the international standardization of electromobility, these only have to be produced in a CE-compliant manner. Here we always consciously choose manufacturers who adhere to all regulations and before a manufacturer's product is added to our portfolio, it is first checked in detail at our Paderborn plant. 

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