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Stadtlanfert 7
D-33106 Paderborn

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Manufacturer charging cable electric car

Do you need an individual charging cable for your application? We are an electric car charger cable manufacturer and produce your charger cable according to your requirements. We comply with international and national standards and regulations. We have different charging cable colours in stock and can produce them from stock. If you would like a different colour of charging cable, you only need to tell us your colour request and we will produce your desired colour especially for you.

Production of charging cables

The production of the charging cables takes place in Germany at the Paderborn site. All the necessary technical and professional prerequisites have been created in the production department. We have the appropriate and professional tools for the charger cable production. Also the testing of the charging cables is done with the necessary electrical equipment. Trained and qualified electricians are employed in the production of charging cables. The length of the charger cable plays only a very small role in the charger cable production, because the process of cable measurement is always the same and makes almost no time difference. The assembly of the charging cable is the most complex factor here, as this cannot be done by machine at present. Therefore every charger cable is handmade in the production. Since we employ the electrical specialists at our location in Germany, the charging cables are "Made in Germany".

Charging cable type 2 Manufacturer

For us it does not matter which charger cable you want to have produced. We are both a type 2 manufacturer and a type 1 manufacturer. Due to the international standards and regulations a production with both types is possible. On the power supply side, the type 2 charging cable always has the type 2 plug and on the vehicle side either a type 2 coupling is fitted or the type 1 coupling is fitted.

Europe-wide charging cables Manufacturer

There are several charging cable manufacturers in Europe. Since we offer our customers a wide range and have a solution for every charging application, we also have all the usual manufacturers of charging cables in our portfolio. This includes

- Bals

- Phoenix Contact

- Harting

- Mennekes

- ratio electric

- Wallow


- Jazzy2Go

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