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Customised, tailor-made and affordable - We offer E-MOBILITY solutions for Private, Public and Corporate Networks through our on-site manufactured charging station and charging cable production.

Are you looking for customised E-MOBILITY products? Then you've come to the right place - we take care of all steps of the product life cycle from consulting, development and prototyping to on-site production or assembly and all global standards and regulations. In addition, matching accessories can be produced with our own labelling.

Our on-site Production Facilities


ESL E-MOBILITY has its own on-site production facility at its headquarters in Paderborn, Germany. Among other things, charging stations and charging cables for electric cars are manufactured here. These are assembled and tested by our electrical engineering specialists. The production of ESL E-MOBILITY is flexible and can cater to the needs of different customers. Suitable E-MOBILITY systems can be produced depending on the requirements and application. The flexible design of our production enables us to react quickly to changes in the market. Registered Trademarks under ESL E-MOBILITY:


Charging Station Portfolio

WALLI is our own brand for charging stations, our portfolio includes:
Walli® LIGHT, Walli® LIGHT Pro, and Walli® LIGHT comfort LD and E-BIKE charging columns and stations. All products are available for customisation.

Charging Cable Portfolio

EVCABLE is our own brand for charging cables, our portfolio includes:
Mode 3, Mode 2, Open-end cables, Cable lengths by the meter and Connector Plugs and Sockets. All products are available for customisation. 

Customisation Options with us


Want to go the extra mile for your customers, partners or employees?
The DC charging station provides faster electric car charging than standard home AC chargers and we offer full charger customisation from cables and plugs to company logos and colour options. 


ESL E-Mobility is a manufacturer of charging cables for type 1 and type 2 variants as well as open-end cables and individual plug connectors and accessories and is oriented towards the IEC / EN 62196 and IEC / EN 61851 standards. The charging cables are manufactured and tested on site in our production facilities and are available for customisation.  

Discuss the options for Customisation today

Would you like to learn more about customising charging stations, charging cables or EV accessories? We look forward to talking about your requirements. Contact us online, by phone or arrange a personal or virtual meeting.

Scope of Application


Residential Property

ie. family homes

  • Own parking
  • Usage: Charging Multiple hours/day
  • End-user

Products: Charging Stations, Mobile Charging Stations, Charging Cables, Renewable Energy Solutions



ie. apartments, hotels, guest houses, restaurants, 

  • Private and/or shared parking
  • Usage: Charging multiple hours/day
  • Real estate owner, Landloads, private businesses

Products: Charging Stations, E-bike charging Stations, Renewable Energy Solutions



ie. SMEs, corporates, government, institutes etc.

  • Shared parking
  • Usage: Charging 2-10 hours
  • Business owners, Offices, Universities, Company Parks

ProductsCharging StationsE-bike charging StationsRenewable Energy Solutions



ie. supermarket, shops, car dealers, car parks

  • Public parking
  • Usage: Charging <4 hours
  • Business owner or municipality


ie. retail, charging stations, public car parks 

  • Public parking
  • Usage: Charging quick necessary on-the-go charging <1 hour
  • Investors

Fleets & Depots

ie. car/truck fleets, airports, train stations, buses, boats etc.

  • Private parking
  • Usage: Charging need dependent on fleet management
  • Fleet owner, enterprises

Information on current EU Grants and Schemes for E-MOBILTY and Renewable Energy

Any questions?

We are happy to help.

Good service and direct communication are important to us before and during a collaboration. The ESL E-MOBILITY team is always at your disposal for detailed advice on e-mobility or renewabale energy solutions. We are looking forward to your contact.