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Ratio Electric | 35325 | Electric car charging station mobile mode 2 CEE to type 2 plug

Product Features

Charging power up to 22 kW 
Current comfortable adjustable with a switch - 10 A - 16 A - 32 A
3 - Phase
Charging cable with type 2 plug
Article number 35325

Safety and protection

Personal protective with AC and DC 6 mA recognation
IP 54 (weatherproof)


Cable length 5 m 
Housing charging box 320 x 100 x 81 mm

Connection grid side

CEE plug 16 A red - 3 phase

connection electric car side 

Type 2 plug

Optimal for following electric cars

All e cars with Type 2 plug


With the Ratio quick charging cable you charge just as quickly and safely as with a stationary wallbox. The clou is, if necessary the cable can be disconnected at any time and taken along on the journey and to the destination. If, for example, you want to charge in several places, such as at home and at work, you only need one Ratio quick loader instead of several Wallboxes!

In addition, the Ratio charging cable is usually the cheaper alternative to wallboxes: While the latter often require additional residual current protection devices of hundreds of euros to be taken into account, the Ratio charging cable already includes the all-current sensitive residual current protection (type B characteristic) - no further costs for you!

More Information
SKU 11049
Weight 7.0000
Brand Ratio Electric
MPN 35325
Charging power / amperage 22kW / 32A / 3 phase
Options Energy meter, RCD (Personal protection)
Bedienungsanleitung (eng)

Ratio Electric | 35325 | mobile / portable electric car charging station / wallbox | cable mode 2 | type 2 to CEE plug 32 A red | 22 kW | 32 A | 3 phase | 5 m

€929 * from €750 *
Delivery Time ca. 6 - 8 Wochen