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Sonnenstromfabrik - CS Wismar GmbH

Sonnenstromfabrik is the trendsetting quality leader for solar modules Made in Germany. For 25 years, Sonnenstromfabrik has established itself as a quality leader with its module production and is one of the few companies that still produces 100 percent in Germany.

All Sonnenstromfabrik products comply with the latest IEC standards and are also tested for fire protection, increased hail resistance, ammonia resistance and numerous other aspects.

Sonnenstromfabrik's solar modules have been successfully tested by TÜV for extreme mechanical loads. The solar modules can withstand loads of more than 800 kg per square meter and maximum wind loads of 280 km/h.

The current product portfolio consists of:

  • Sonnenstromfabrik Excellent 170M32
  • Sonnenstromfabrik Excellent 290M54
  • Sonnenstromfabrik Excellent 325M60
  • Sonnenstromfabrik Excellent 330M60 Smart

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