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91 Items

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Toyota Prius Charging cable | Charging station | Wallbox with plug type 1, Mode 2 or Mode 3 | Charger 

Toyota Prius Year of construction:

ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus  2012

Toyota Prius Charging time:

ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus  At the charging station : 1,5 h 

ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus  At the mains socket : 2,5 h

Toyota Prius Battery capacity (kWh) :

ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus  4,4

Toyota Prius Charging capacity: 

ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus  2,8 kW

Toyota Prius Plug type :

ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus  Type 1

Toyota Prius Total electric range (km) :

ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus  25 km