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Type 1 charging plug | type 1 charging connector  | type 1 ev socket | IEC 62196 - 3,7 kW / 7,4 kW - 16A / 32A - 1 phase

Charging plug type 1 wiring / type 1 plug power 

The type 1 plug is a variant from the Asian and American area. It was developed there. There is mostly a 1 phase network. Thus the plug allows only 1 phase charging. The type 1 plug can be either with 3.7 kW power and 16 A charging current integrated in the charging cable or with 7.4 kW charging power and 32 A charging current on the phase. Since the charging power is limited here, the type 1 plug will disappear more and more from the European area, because one has a 3-phase network in Europe. With the 1-phase charging with the type 1 plug a phase-shift occurs in the European network and therefore the type 2 was fixed as standard. More and more electric cars now have type 2 instead of type 1 plug.

Colloquially we always speak of a type 1 connector. However, since one has the type 1 plug on the vehicle side, the charging cable mode 3 or on the charging cable, which hangs on the charging station ion reality a coupling type 1 on it. Other common names are also charging socket type 1 of the derivation from a socket or one says also type 1 plug female. Irrespective of whether it is called type 1 plug, type 1 charging plug, type 1 charging socket or type 1 coupling, the geometric conditions are the same and standardised worldwide. In the international standard IEC 62196 the plug is also referred to as SAE J1772 and here you will find all dimensions, technical details, for which maximum current and maximum voltage the type 1 plug must be designed and many other rules. So you can be sure that if you have an electric car with type 1 and you want to charge at a wallbox or charging station with type 1 plug female, everything always interlocks.

Type 1 plug wiring IEC 62196Type 1 plug female electric carType 1 plug female electric car

Buy Type 1 connector

If you want to buy a suitable type 1 connector, then you need to know which application you have. If, for example, the type 1 charging plug is destroyed by being run over or the contacts are no longer faultless after several years, then you do not have to buy the complete charging station or charging cable again, but the individual type 1 plug would be sufficient here. Even if one always speaks of a type 1 plug, one should also know for which side the plug is needed. In the case of a charging cable, which is to be plugged into the charging socket type 2 at e.g. public charging stations, then one actually needs the type 2 plug on one side of the cable. If you want to change the plug to the type 1 electric car (fixed charging cable at the charging station or the mode 3 charging cable), then you have to take the coupling here. Since the type 1 connector is only available as type 1 connector, you can't do anything wrong if you buy the type 1 connector.

Type 1 female

Type 1 female are not available as sockets, as the type 2 plug standard has been agreed upon in Europe. The type 1 connector is only available as a variant in a mode 3 charging cable, where on one side the type 2 connector is plugged into the type 2 charging socket of the wall box / charging station and on the other side the type 1 connector is plugged into the type 1 connector of the electric car. The second variant is the wallbox or charging station with a fixed charging cable on it and the type 1 coupling at the end. If one should buy in the future a type 2 electric car, then one does not have to buy also here the box completely again, but it is sufficient also only the individual type 2 plug to buy and from an electrician everything normally - and professionally to install. This way you can save a lot of money.

All type 1 connector electric cars



  • Volt


  • Berlingo Electric
  • C - Zero
  • E - Mehari


  • Karma


  • Focus Electric
  • C - Max


  • Soul EV


  • i - MIEV
  • Outlander PHEV


  • Leaf Typ 1
  • e - NV200


  • Ampera Typ 1


  • iOn
  • Partner Electric


  • Fluence Typ 1
  • Kangoo ZE Typ 1


  • Prius PHEV

Type 1 plug charging connector type 1 ev socket

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