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What does type 1 mean

What does Type 1 mean?

This is a single-phase charging plug (charging coupling) developed in Japan, which is intended exclusively for the loading port on the vehicle side (also known as socket or coupling).

The maximum charging power is 7.4 kW at 230V AC. The plug type has 5 plug contacts, two contacts for single-phase alternating current, one ground and two signal contacts, which are compatible with IEC 61851-2001 / SAE J1772-2001. This type 1 plug is more likely to be found in vehicles from the American and Asian region.

You need a charging coupler or a charging cable of type 1, e.g. for the following vehicle models

  • Chevrolet Volt,
  • Citroen C-Zero / Berlingo Electrique,
  • Fisker Karma,
  • Ford Focus Electric,
  • Honda Jazz Hybrid / Insight HEV,
  • Kia Soul EV,
  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV and Outlander,
  • Nissan LEAF / e-NV200,
  • Opel Ampera,
  • Peugeot iOn and Partner Electric,
  • Renault Fluence Z.E. and Kangoo Z.E...,
  • Toyota Prius / Prius Plus / iQ EV / Auris HSD / Yaris