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Vestel EVC04-AC22SW-T2P Home Smart 10127503 

Product features:

ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus charging power 22kW 
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus charging current 32A 
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus Voltage 400V 3 phase
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus with cable type 2 length 5m
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus potentialfree switch (ON/OFF charging), Modbus RS485 for intelligent MID energy meter (option accessories) for dynamic optimization
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus Option stand to mount on ground
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus WLAN and control with App - set charging time, start / stopp...
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus with energy meter
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus Artiklenumber Vestel EVC04-AC22SW-T2P Home Smart 10127503 

Size and weight:

ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus 460 x 315 x 135 mm (B/H/T)
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus ca. 9 kg

Safty and protection:

ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus Access with RFID card (2 pcs and 1 pcs mastercard)
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus longlife platic housing flameproof
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus IK10 impact resistant
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus IP54 - for indoor and Outdoor 
ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus RCD integriated: type a AC 30mA, DC 6mA 

For following electric cars suitable:

ESL_E-MOBILITY_added_value_plus all Type 2 electric cars
More Information
SKU 29006
Weight 7.0000
Brand Vestel
MPN 10127503
EAN 4024862110901
Charging power / amperage 22kW / 32A / 3 phase
Options KfW promotion Wallbox DE 440, APP, Energy meter, RFID, RCD (Personal protection), Modbus TCP / RS 485
Vestel EVC04-AC22SW-T2P Home Smart 10127503 Installationsanleitung
Vestel EVC04-AC22SW-T2P Home Smart 10127503 Bedienungsanleitung

Vestel EVC04-AC22SW-T2P Home Smart 10127503 | type 2 wallbox charging station electric car with cable 5m | 22kW | 32A | 400V | 3 phase | RFID | DC protection | WLAN | App | energy meter


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