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Wallbox EV charging station electric car : Types of smart wall car charger 

Categories of wallbox EV charging station

Type 1 Wallbox type 1 charging station EV

Type 2 Wallbox type 2 charging station EV

Wallbox with charging socket type 2 charging station with charging socket type 2

With your own wallbox, you can charge your electric car quickly, easily and overnight at home. So every morning you have a fully-filled electric vehicle at the door. In our online shop you will find a large selection of intelligent wall charging stations for your e-vehicle. Convince yourself of the variety and quality of our products and conveniently order your wallbox online.

Large selection of wall boxes for electric vehicles

Benefit from the large selection of wall boxes at ESL E-MOBILITY. Here you will find wall charging stations with fixed type 1 / type 2 charging cable, with charging socket and other charging systems, such as e-bike charging stations. Furthermore, you can purchase wallboxes with different amperage, number of phases and various options such as an energy meter, key switch, Home Energy Management, etc. in our online shop.

Which wallbox should I buy?

Choosing the right wallbox depends on your e-vehicle and the features of the smart wall charger. Generally, you should buy a wall charger as soon as you want to charge your electric car at home. Because the normal 230V household sockets are not designed for a long continuous load with high currents.

When selecting the wallbox you should first consider the current. The charging power of a wall charging station is between 2.3kW (single phase) and 50kW (three phase). The charging power corresponds approximately to the power that can be supplied to the battery of the electric car per hour. The more power, the faster the battery is charged. But in addition to the charging power of the electric car, one should also consider the power output provided by the grid operator. For if the house connection, for example, only 22kW has available, then no vehicle can be charged with this power. Here it would be advisable to resort to a wallbox with a current of 11kW, as long as no other bulk consumer, such as a water heater, is in parallel operation. Furthermore, one should consider the charging capacity of the electric vehicle. If the electric car only has a capacity of 3.7kW, then a wallbox with 22kW does not charge the vehicle faster

Differences of electric car wallbox

In addition to the current strength, there are other differences that should be considered when buying the wallbox. On the basis of the following criteria one can limit the purchase of the suitable Wallbox better:

Plug type of wall boxes

For different e-cars, there are different electric car charging plugs. Type 1 is a single-phase plug with a charging power of up to 7.4kW (230V, 32A). The plug is mainly used by car manufacturers from Asia, which is why there are hardly any charging stations in Europe with fixed-mounted type 1 charging cable.

In Europe, the three-phase type 2 plug is the most widely used and has been set as standard. With this type of plug are up to 22kW charging power in private space common. At public charging stations up to 43kW are possible. Discover the huge selection of wallboxes at ESL E-Mobility!

Functions of the intelligent wall charging stations

Wallboxes differ from the plug types and the charging capacity with additional functions. One of the most important functions is personal protection. With an additional RCCB, the normatively required level of protection, in the charging of electric cars, is increased. In addition to the personal protection, there is also a so-called access protection. This prevents the wallbox from being freely accessible and allowing strangers to recharge their vehicle at the electric car charging station. The protection takes place via a key or an RFID card.

Furthermore, wall boxes can be equipped with an energy meter that measures the consumption of the electric car or cars. So you always have the current consumption and various performance data or the total consumption in view.

Buy Wallbox and charge the electric car at home

Before you buy a wallbox, you should inform yourself about the charging power, the connector types and the desired functions. Because to load your electric car at home, you need a specific wall charger. At ESL E-MOBILITY you will find the right wallbox for your needs. From different electric car charging cable types, over different current strengths up to versatile additional options. Browse our online shop and order the matching wallbox with individual cable length conveniently online. Our clever vehicle search will only show you the items that are compatible with your electric car brand. Are you interested in e-mobility? Browse through our e-mobility guide and find many interesting topics around the topic wallbox and electric car.