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Wallbox Copper SB | Wallbox / charging station electric car | with cable Typ 2

charging power 22 kW 3-phase, with cable type 2

WallBox has experience in the production of optimal solutions for charging of electro- und hybrid cars, and has the knowledge about norms und Vorschriften, and the flexibility, to meet customers needs. Product- and service quality are the main concern.
WallBox is a revolutionary charging system, developed with the newest technologies and tailored to the daily requrements of customers.

Simple, compact and powerful, that is the Pulsar

A unique and practical charging system. Efficiency and comfort in charging, without comprimising the latest technology.

Product features:

Type 2 charging socket, Phoenix Contact
Charging power 22 kW 3P
charging current 32 A
incl. DC protection
incl. Power Sharing Smart
charging protocol IEC 61851-1
Charging cable colour: schwarz
ca. 2 kg
manufacturer guarantee: 2 Jahre, optional auf 3 oder 5 Jahre maximal verlängerbar


More Information
SKU 11493
Weight 6.0000
Charging cable colour black
Brand Wallbox
Charging power / amperage 22kW / 32A / 3 phase
Options APP, Energy meter, RCD (Personal protection)
Promotions KfW Subsidy Wallbox DE 440, KfW Subsidy Wallbox DE 439/441
Wallbox "Copper SB" Datenblatt

Wallbox "Copper SB" | Type 2 charging socket | 22kW | RFID, FI | Charging cable colour: schwarz

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